The purpose of having an established student disciplinary procedure is to provide a fair and effective mechanism for investigating and resolving disputes involving students and alleged violations by students of the university’s rules and regulations.


  1. Any member of the university committee (trustees, faculty, staff or registered students) may bring a complaint about student conduct or academic integrity.
  2. UCSC gives written notice of the complaint and its allegations to the students alleged to have violated University rules.
  3. If the UCSC determines the complaint to have been maliciously made, the complainant shall be dealt with in accordance with the University’s policies.
  4. The role of SCD is to help students to understand disciplinary process, respect and comply with provisions of the Student Disciplinary Procedure and deal with all aspects of the process.
  5. Please read the SMU Student Disciplinary Procedure for more information on the conduct and recommendations of Hearings.
  6. Possible sanctions resulting from misconduct:
    • Warning,
    • Reprimand,
    • Fine,
    • Restitution,
    • Grade Penalties (for academic misconduct),
    • Disciplinary Probation,
    • Corrective Service Programme,
    • Withdrawal of Privileges,
    • Suspension, Indefinite Suspension and Expulsion.